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The year was 1987

Over 300 leaders convene to address the question: How can we prevent child abuse in Massachusetts?

The result?

A blueprint for preventing child abuse by strengthening Massachusetts families.

According to the Blueprint:

“The family is the primary institution shaping the development of children…Their lives and healthy development are dependent upon and affected by the quality of their family life.”

The year was 1988

The Children’s Trust Fund of Massachusetts was formed to make that blueprint a reality; to strengthen Massachusetts families; to ensure kids grow up in nurturing families, healthy and ready to succeed.

The Children’s Trust Fund grew [to include]:

home visiting, a parenting support website, family centers, trainings, public safety campaigns, a fatherhood initiative, public awareness and education, and parenting education & support.

The Children’s Trust Fund evolved:

From Massachusetts Children’s Trust Fund [logo] to Children’s Trust Fund: Preventing Child Abuse, Strengthening Families [logo] to Children’s Trust Fund: Strengthening Families, Preventing Child Abuse [logo] to Children’s Trust Fund:  Strengthening Families in Massachusetts [logo].

After 25 years, our work is having a tremendous impact and our commitment to children and families is stronger than ever, but our public face needed to transform.

We needed a name and logo that reflects who we are: mission-driven, caring, family & community-focused, strength-based, network of high-quality partners, innovative, comprehensive, thought leader, reliable, committed, evidence-based, engaged.

We needed a name and logo that reflects what we do: provide partners with training & technical assistance, support & empower parents, advocate on behalf of families, influence public policy, quality services & programs, develop & promote best practices, strengthen families.

Introducing the New Children’s Trust Fund:

Children’s Trust: Strengthening Families [Logo]

      Family Support Training: A Children’s Trust Program [Logo]

      Onetoughjob: A Children’s Trust Program [Logo]

      Healthy Families: A Children’s Trust Program [Logo]

      Family Centers: A Children’s Trust Program [Logo]

Our name and logos have changed, but our purpose has not. More than ever, we are committed to ensuring kids grow up in nurturing families, healthy and ready to succeed.

[Fade to Children’s Trust logo]