All Babies Cry

All Babies Cry

About All Babies Cry

An evidence-based, multi-media intervention designed to prevent abusive head trauma in the first year of life, when the highest proportion of incidents occur.

Drawing from decades of research on infant behavior, All Babies Cry: Tried and True Tips for Comforting Your Newborn (and Yourself) empowers new parents with practical demonstrations of infant soothing and clear strategies for managing normal stress in parenting. 

This video series follows real parents for the first six months of life at home with their new baby. Fathers are depicted as equal, primary caregivers, who appear in 70% of all visuals demonstrating most infant care and stress management strategies. All Babies Cry messaging was created from formative focus groups and promotes the “Strengthening Families” framework of protective factors.

We want all parents to know that you are not alone. During this unprecedented pandemic, we are offering All Babies Cry free for everyone. 

Use the access code, COVID19, to get free, full access to all of our videos with practical advice from experts, parents, and grandparents.

To watch the videos and read the booklet, go to or download the All Babies Cry mobile app.  All materials are available in English and Spanish.

If you did not receive an access code from your provider, please email Alli Rossetti, All Babies Cry Program Manager.

All Babies Cry was produced in partnership with the MA Department of Public Health, Injury Prevention and Fathering Initiatives.