office of executive director
Suzin Bartley, Executive Director
Suzanne O'Malley, Executive Assistant to Suzin Bartley

Robin Boorstein, Deputy Director of Operations
Stephen M. Flaherty, Director of Administration and Finance
Jennifer Lee, Contracts Manager
Janel Mackey, Fiscal Coordinator
Maureen Woods, Business Manager

marketing and communications
Lakia Bennett, Graphic Designer
Rayna Charles, Marketing and Communications Manager
Liz Marotta, Marketing and Communications Specialist
Stacey Nee, Marketing and Communications Director 

Mary Fitzgerald, Development Officer
Jade Ford, Development Operations and Events Officer
Amber Redmond, Director of Foundation Relations

Rosanna M. Batista, Healthy Families Program Specialist
Charlene Best-Brown, Program Team Administrative Assistant
Joanne Bernier, Healthy Families Resource Specialist
Thomas Blackler, Program Team Administrative Assistant
Tammy Bernardi, Prevention and Training Specialist
Kate Bullock, Family Support Coordinator
Aja Clark, Administrative Support Coordinator
Marissa Daley, Assistant Director of Home Visiting
Tanji Donald, Parenting Education Grants Manager
Lee MacKinnon, Home Visiting Training Specialist
Meg Manning, Healthy Families Massachusetts Training Coordinator
Dan McGinnis, Healthy Families Program Specialist
Jack Miller, Program Consultant to the Children's Trust
Steven Pascal, Director of Home Visiting
Michael Ramos, Fatherhood Initiative Coordinator
Jenn Reed, Healthy Families Resource Specialist
Sarita Rogers, Deputy Director of Programs
Cheryl Vines, Director of Family Support

information technology
Pamela Soukamneuth, Chief Information Officer