SAFE Child Communities

SAFE Child Communities

Strengthening Families to Stop Childhood Trauma

We know how to strengthen our families, build essential community and neighborhood connections, and prevent most of the childhood trauma that is occurring.

We have a unique opportunity to couple the findings of brain science with evidence-based programs and practices and to partner with communities to implement systemic change which will improve outcomes for our children. SAFE Child Communities will stem the tide of child maltreatment.

SAFE Child Communities rests on a framework based on extensive research, and is supplemented by adherence to quality standards and accreditation processes for core services including Family Centers and Home Visiting.

SAFE Child Community Hub

If you think this is messy, how can we expect parents to navigate this labyrinth of services and supports on their own?

A holistic approach - Investing in a comprehensive system of care and support to:

  • strengthen and stabilize families
  • keep children safe and healthy
  • build community connections and capacity

Statewide Advisory Committee

SAFE Child Communities will be supported by a multi-disciplinary Statewide Advisory Committee composed of policymakers who represent key sectors including Health Care, Education, Business, Philanthropy, Research/Evaluation, Social Services, and Law.

The Statewide Advisory Committee will:

  • provide guidance on how to improve, increase, and support statewide implementation
  • support and advocate for coordination and allocation of private and public resources which build capacity to meet critical needs at local and statewide levels
  • support and refine a robust evaluation

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