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a tribute to the mama bears

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Mama Bear Mother’s Day

Music: Mama’s Song by Joe Reilly. Lyrics available at

“You can fool some of the people some of the time, but you can’t fool mom.” – Unknown

Happy Mother’s Day to the mama bears!   #mamabear #mothersday

The Children’s Trust (logo)

Keep Calm and be a Mama Bear

Mama bear wisdom # 28: Your cubs will follow your lead, so guide them somewhere great.

Mama bear wisdom #117: Hugs and cuddles are cub-approved

Mama bear wisdom #89: Nap when your cubs are asleep

Mama bear wisdom #132: It’s okay when mealtime gets a little messy

Mama bear wisdom #1: Being a mama bear is a tough job, but it’s worth all the honey in the world.

Wishing you a sweet Mother’s Day. The Children’s Trust: Strengthening Families (logo). #mamabear #mothersday.

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The Children’s Trust: Strengthening Families (logo).