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Our Stories

Tae’voahn and Aaliyah

Tae’voahn is a source of strength for her friends, family, and community. But even strong people can need a little help.

Tae’voahn first came to the Children’s Trust’s Healthy Families program while pregnant, after being hospitalized due to domestic violence with her sister. Healthy Families and Siobhan, Tae’voahn’s home visitor, have been motivators and supports in Tae’voahn’s life. They have helped her set goals, like going back to college, and worked with her to overcome a period of homelessness.

Siobhan helped Tae’voahn seek therapy after a test showed that she was depressed before she gave birth. At every visit with her therapist or Siobhan, Tae’voahn was asked “who’s there for you like you are for everyone else?” Her response: “Siobhan.”

Today, Tae’voahn has a beautiful 5-month-old daughter, Aaliyah, whom Tae’voahn describes as her “get away” when she is overwhelmed. “When I sit down with Siobhan, we rewrite my goals, like going back to college for a better life for my daughter and myself. We create steps so that I will stick to my goals because I want to become a better person and better parent for Aaliyah.”

Tae’voahn says that when Aaliyah is three and they graduate from Healthy Families, she wants Aaliyah to be a “Baby Einstein.” For herself, Tae’voahn wants her goals to be fully accomplished – to be more independent and better able to take time for herself.

Tae’voahn hopes that when Aaliyah sees her working hard, she will learn to become a strong and motivated woman.

“I think that Healthy Families is important because it gives young parents, like myself, the guidance we need.”