Our Stories

Our Stories

Kim, Tim, Isobelle, and Michelle

Parenting can be a tricky triangle. The base, of course, is creating a nurturing and healthy environment for children. But, parents occasionally don’t see eye-to-eye in getting from point A to point B. It’s called “co-parenting” and, sometimes, it gets messy.

Kim, a mom in Lancaster, says the “Parents ‘R’ Us” program, a parenting education and support program of the Children’s Trust, improved her life as a mother and as a spouse.

“My husband and I did not agree on how to parent, especially when it came to discipline. My husband thought I was too harsh and I thought he was too soft. I signed up for the ‘Parenting ‘R’ Us’ group to get the opinion of an expert. I found out we were both right.”

Now, she is more in tune with her husband’s approach. “My goal is to use ‘no’ less and use positive discipline techniques that I learned.”

And, her husband understands why she thinks it’s so important to get parenting right.

“Home is the first place where children learn love and trust. It’s also where they learn the can-do attitude that will make them healthy and happy throughout their lives.

“My husband and I may still disagree about other things. But, thanks to the Children’s Trust group, we’re more unified about how we raise our daughters. It is great to have experts to gain the information and feedback regarding your concerns or questions about parenting.”