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News & Perspectives

Celebrating Moms


This Mother’s Day, we honor and celebrate all the hardworking and dedicated moms out there.

We’ve seen firsthand the strength and resiliency that moms have shown to keep their children and families safe and healthy, especially this year. Moms like Fransheska, Malika, Midalia, and Regina.


"Watching my daughter grow and flourish, knowing that I get to spend her life encouraging her and loving her, is the greatest blessing of my life.”

Fransheska, Children's Trust program participant





"There is nothing you can’t tackle when you have people in your life that you can depend on. And my daughter will always have that. I am committed to being that for her."

Malika, Children's Trust program participant





"I want [my son Xadien] to just see happiness. That’s my main thing for him. I just want him to be happy."

Midalia, Children's Trust program participant





"I want to make sure my kids have everything I didn't have."

Regina, Children's Trust program participant




Children's Trust programs provide parents with the guidance they need to give their children safe and healthy childhoods. Please help us reach more families.