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child sexual abuse prevention

We have worked with hundreds of schools and organizations across Massachusetts to ensure that families, teachers, children, and others have the tools and skills needed to protect children from sexual abuse.

convening leaders

We are proud to be co-chairing, along with the state Office of the Child Advocate, the Massachusetts Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Task Force, authorized by the Massachusetts Legislature. The purpose of the task force includes developing guidelines and tools for the development of sexual abuse prevention and intervention plans by organizations serving children and youth.

This multi-agency collaboration is utilizing the collective experience of both public and private youth-serving agencies, offices, and organizations from across the state.

empowering organizations

We work to develop codes of conduct for staff at child-serving organizations and protocols on preventing child abuse, reporting suspected abuse cases, and creating safe school environments. The goal is to create environments where children are safe and adults are vigilant.

The Children’s Trust provides a how-to manual for educators, entitled "Steps Toward Child Abuse Prevention & Creating Safe School Environments," now in its third edition, to guide schools through this process. The updated version includes new information on building a safe cyber-environment, screening and hiring practices, codes of conduct, and recent updates to Massachusetts laws, as well as policies of the Department of Children and Families.

empowering professionals, parents, and kids

The Child Protection Unit (CPU) is a research-based program for children Pre-K to Grade 3 developed by Committee for Children in Seattle, Washington. It offers age appropriate ways to teach children skills to keep them safe from the dangers of abusive situations. CPU empowers children to tell an adult to get help if something happened. Participants learn skills to take an active role in protecting children from abuse by learning best practices to teach CPU to staff and children, understand and train others on the indicators of abuse, how to handle disclosures, and about the responsibilities of being a mandated reporter.

In addition, the Children's Trust developed the "Keeping Kids Safe" parenting training, which provides specific language and guidance that parents can use to talk with their children to keep them safe.