The Children’s Trust and Healthy Families Massachusetts believe young parents should be supported and respected, not stigmatized or shamed. Too often, that is not the case.

That is why we are launching a #YOUngparentsGOTTHIS campaign to both spread the message that young parents can be – and often are – great parents AND get the word out to young parents and expecting parents that Healthy Families is there for them as a resource and opportunity.

We are asking you – because you know better than anyone – to add your voice to the campaign by telling other young parents that their future *is* bright and Healthy Families believes in them.

Help us make the conversation about young parents positive!

  • Fill out the sign with a short message of encouragement to other young parents.
  • Take a photo or video selfie of yourself holding the sign. Consider including your child, co-parent, or anyone else who supported your journey.
  • Post to social media with a short message and #YOUngparentsGOTTHIS. (You could also use #YOUngmomsGOTTHIS or #YOUngdadsGOTTHIS)


every opportunity to succeed  you are not alone 

For more examples, check out our #YOUngparentsGOTTHIS Facebook album.


Outreach flyer

PDF of #YOUngparentsGOTTHIS sign


Photo and video consent form

If you have any questions, or want blank posters to fill out, contact us.

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