Training Topics

Training Topics

Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Training

Train the Trainer

Length: 6 hours

Child abuse can be prevented. With the right skill, tools, and knowledge every parent, caregiver, and child- and youth serving organization can do this. Participants in this full day training will be prepared to deliver training to both staff and parents in their schools, organizations and communities on child sexual abuse prevention. The training focuses on preparing instructors to deliver the staff and parent training modules in their schools and communities, understand the problem of child sexual abuse in MA, utilize best practices to teach parents and staff on this sensitive topic and recognize the cultural importance in Keeping Kids Safe to parents.

Staff Training 

Length: 2 hours

This training will teach staff knowledge, skills and attitudes to prevent child sexual abuse. Topics discussed: safe environment, working with parents, prevention strategies, protective factors, signs and symptoms and responding to disclosures. 

Parent Training 

Length: 90 minutes

Keeping Kids Safe is a 90 minute multilingual and multicultural workshop for parents and guardians to provide them with practical skills to help keep their children safe from dangerous or abusive situations. Parents will learn to use age appropriate language, understand the signs and symptoms of abuse, how to create family safety rules and what to do if a child discloses something has happened to them.


Visit our training calendar to see the upcoming training schedule or email Rayna Charles, Director of Family Support Training & Parent Education.