Our Stories

Our Stories

lisa and carlos

When Lisa and Carlos reached out to the Children’s Trust’s “Valuing Our Children” Family Center, they were hurting. The couple had had a disagreement that escalated into a physical confrontation. As a result, their children were removed from their home.

“We got into an argument. We both take accountability for how it happened, and what led up to it.”

Carlos and Lisa were willing to do whatever it took to make changes and move forward. However, there was no formal support system for them in their area. So they moved.

Their time with Valuing Our Children included working to understand the root influences of their conflicts, and creating a social and emotional toolkit for handling strong feelings in a healthy manner. 

“We tried to work together, to get rid of our bad together and only keep the good and give that to our children.”

Today, Carlos, Lisa, and their children are together. Carlos and Lisa have created a safe, healthy, and happy home. They have also developed a great support system, which includes staff at the Family Center, and they plan on staying connected to the Family Center programs for as long as possible.

According to Carlos, “If we were not connected with Valuing Our Children, in my opinion, I don’t think we would have made it together as a couple or as a family. I think we would have had a broken family.” 

Watch this short video on Lisa, Carlos, and their family.