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News & Perspectives

Viewing Children’s Health Through the Lens of Family

Board Member Kerry Maguire

It is because of the loyal commitment of our supporters, that we can protect children from abuse and neglect. This is no truer said than of Board Member Kerry Maguire. 

A general dentist with a background in public health, Dr. Maguire was drawn to the Children’s Trust because dentists often become aware of abuse through a child’s oral health. She views children’s health through the lens of family health, recognizing that children with strong families live healthier lives. 

“How we support families enables a holistic approach to overall health and wellbeing,” said Dr. Maguire.

Her involvement as both a Board Member and a donor is motivated by her beliefs that nothing in the world will improve unless we invest in our kids, and that the work of the Children’s Trust is central to building the strong, resilient families that provide a foundation for lifelong health. 

Dr. Maguire’s philanthropy led her to join the Children’s Trust Development Committee, where she helps us engage with and expand our donor base so that we can reach more children and families. Her commitment to our mission and the children and families we serve continues to inspire all of us.