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'Step Up' Event Raises Awareness of Child Abuse in Berkshires


The Children’s Trust and Child Care of the Berkshires were joined at Pittsfield City Hall last week by District Attorney Paul Caccaviello, State Senator Adam Hinds, State Representatives Tricia Farley-Bouvier, John Barrett III and Smitty Pignatelli, and Mayor Linda Tyer, to raise awareness about ongoing efforts to stop child abuse before it starts. This Child Abuse Prevention Month, 89 pairs of children's shoes were displayed, representing the number of children abused or neglected every month in Berkshire County.

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Children's Trust Executive Director Suzin Bartley said the annual event is to raise awareness of child abuse prevention programs. She said an abused child can never get his or her childhood back and that helping to grow strong families who can protect their children is far better than intervening after a traumatic event.
"By reaching out to parents right from the start, providing them with the tools, resources, and confidence, we avoid the need for more intensive and expensive intervention after something bad has happened," Bartley said.

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You can also see a short video from the event by WNYT Channel 13.