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Health Families is Defying Statistics and Keeping Teen Parents on Track for Success


Teen parenthood is filled with stressors, and the kids of these young parents can be at higher risk for abuse and neglect. It can also derail future plans. Less than two percent of young moms go on to earn a college degree by age 30. But a thriving, home visiting program is helping young moms and dads defy those odds.

Child Trends and Ivanhoe Broadcast News took a closer look into how this program helped turn around the life of a teen mom.

Brittany Bermudez was a high school senior when she learned she was expecting. She graduated, but put her college plans on hold. Right after the twin boys were born, the hospital connected Bermudez with the Healthy Families Massachusetts home visiting program, a home service for first-time parents age 20 and under.

Sarita Rogers, Director of Home Visiting at the Children's Trust, explains how to effectively connect with young teen parents.

“You get to understand their family dynamics, who they’re living with and what might be the potential risks or supports embedded right there.”

Volunteers teach proper baby care and nutrition and parenting skills. Research suggests this support system is working. Francine Jacobs, EdD, and fellow researchers at Tufts University studied 800 teen moms.

“In fact, from the first round of evaluations we did find that being involved in the Healthy Families evaluation decreased parental stress,” detailed Jacobs.

Ann Easterbrooks, PhD, also from Tufts University, told Ivanhoe, “It was effective also in reducing the rates of risky behaviors such as substance abuse.”

Researchers found a 31 percent decrease in risky behaviors, and 36 percent decrease in stress, a risk factor for child abuse and neglect. Through Healthy Families, Bermudez was also connected with a scholarship program.

“It gave me a full ride to the University of Massachusetts,” said Bermudez.

Bermudez graduated and is supporting her boys in her new career as a dental hygienist.

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