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dads rock: nurturing father engagement


The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services looked to the Children’s Trust when they wanted to document how family support programs can successfully engage fathers.  As part of a national film series identifying best practices, the Children’s Bureau of the Administration for Children & Families selected our Fatherhood Initiative to lead the 11 minute documentary.

The result is an overview of how our programs have comprehensively integrated and elevated the importance of engaging dads in the work of strengthening families. Elements of our Healthy Families, Fathers and Family Network, and community-based dads groups are all featured in the inspiring result, aptly named, “Dads Rock.”

The film addresses barriers and provides insights about working with dads. Produced by the Children's Bureau Learning and Coordination Center (CBLCC, formerly CANTASD), the powerful video is the latest in the Building Community, Building Hope video series, showing real-world, collaborative solutions to the problem of child abuse and neglect.

Use the Dads Rock! discussion toolkit to start a conversation about engaging dads in your community.