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“Becoming a Mom Changed My Life in the Best Way”

Nadia pictured with her daughter Lux.

Nadia Varela of Brockton immigrated to the United States to live 
with her dad when she was a young teenager. Sadly, her father was 
abusive and Nadia was forced to run away at age 18. At 20 years old, 
she became pregnant.

“It might sound unconventional, but having my daughter, Lux, was the best thing that ever happened to me because now I have this wild, amazing, loving child in my life – and now I also have Sylvia, my Healthy Families home visitor,” said Nadia. 

Nadia struggled with her mental health during the pandemic but says that her home visitor was always there for her. She taught Nadia how to soothe her daughter when she was upset, how to be a kind and loving mom, how to give her daughter baths and meet her needs, and how to properly install her car seat so that she was safe. And she supported Nadia when she felt alone, even bringing her a basket with diapers, wipes, and so many other things that she needed for Lux.  

“There were a lot of things missing in my life that Sylvia helped 
me achieve. She kept me motivated and gave me the support and 
confidence I needed to know I could succeed at building a beautiful 
life for me and my daughter,” said Nadia. 


“I want my daughter to grow up in a loving home where she is respected, cared for, and encouraged to pursue her dreams, just like I am today. Becoming a mom changed my life in the best way.” 

Since joining the Healthy Families program, Nadia has earned her driver’s license, secured her own apartment, and found a job as a manager of a local clothing store. She is working towards her goal to go to college.