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A Second Chance at Motherhood

Kaylan pictured with her younger daughter and husband.

Kaylan was six days sober when her seven-year-old daughter, Kiara, died in a tragic car accident.

Years after losing Kiara, Kaylan found herself new to Martha’s Vineyard, still sober and looking to connect with other parents. She wanted to be there for her younger daughter, Ruby. 

After finding the Children’s Trust Family Center on Martha’s Vineyard, Kaylan participated in numerous parenting programs and found a community where she can share on a deeper level, a community that has become like family. 

“The Family Center has helped immensely with my parenting,” Kaylan said. “This is kind of like a second chance that I get at parenting. My daughter now gets to experience a mom that's completely clear and able to be fully present for her.”

Kiara didn’t always get a sober mom. Now that Kaylan is six years sober, she wanted to honor Kiara’s memory and make a difference. She started a group at the Family Center for parents in recovery, helping others going through struggles like hers.