Help Keep Kids Safe

Help Keep Kids Safe

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You’ve seen the headlines: “The Pandemic Is a Mental Health Crisis for Parents” and “COVID is Having a Devastating Impact on Children.”

It is an exceptionally difficult time for children and families – especially those who are most vulnerable. The disastrous combination of an increase in parents’ stress and social isolation heightens concerns about children’s health and safety at home, and as parents struggle to manage the extraordinary circumstances brought on by this pandemic, children are at risk.

But although these problems may seem overwhelming, our programs are proven to help families manage and thrive, even through the most challenging of situations.

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Our Work in Action:

As a young mother, Kenddy faced many challenges raising her son, Armani, while she felt like she was underwater from the heightened stress of the pandemic. With the support of the Healthy Families program, Kenddy was able to overcome many obstacles and pick up the pieces to be the mom her son deserves.

Watch Kenddy's story:


As a young, new mother during the pandemic, Malika faced many challenges trying to support her baby and finish her degree in Criminal Justice, all while her marriage suffered from increased stress. With the support of her home visitor, Malika was able to make it through “one of the toughest years of [her] life” and build a stable, loving home for her daughter.

“When the pandemic hit, I experienced a very tough time financially, mentally, and emotionally. My [Children’s Trust] home visitor was my support system when I didn’t have anywhere to turn.

She showed me how to nurture and support my daughter. She was so supportive of my goals, encouraging me to finish school and to raise my daughter with love and respect.

When my husband and I split for a short time, she checked up on me every day and continued to encourage me. I don’t know how I would have made it through that without her."

Read more of Malika's powerful story featured in the New Bedford Standard-Times.


Midalia, mom to three-year-old Xadien, has been able to break the cycle of child abuse with the help of the Children's Trust Healthy Families program. Reflecting on her own mental health struggles and turbulent upbringing, she credits the program with transforming the course of her parenting journey.

“They helped me break the cycle [of abuse] that I went through and that my family went through in their childhood.”

Watch Midalia and Xadien's story:


Justyn & Kaleigh were both in high school when Kaleigh, pregnant with their son Holden, learned about the Healthy Families program from her OBGYN. Healthy Families helped Justyn & Kaleigh learn to set individual and family goals, co-parent successfully, and raise their son, Holden, in a safe, healthy, and loving environment.

"I want to be the best dad I can be."

Watch Justyn & Kaleigh's story:


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The Children's Trust is on a mission to stop child abuse.

No one is more important in the life of a child than their parent. The best early education programs, doctors, and mentors cannot undo the damage caused by an abusive or neglectful parent. That’s why our programs work directly with parents to make sure they can do their job well.