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stand up and speak out to stop child abuse


On Friday, April 28th (new date!), we are coming together to send a clear message that child abuse must be stopped.

Every 15 minutes, one child is confirmed as abused or neglected in Massachusetts. Stopping child abuse before it happens should receive at least as much emphasis as responses to abuse: it’s cheaper, more effective, and better for kids, our communities, and our Commonwealth.

The good news is that, together, we can stop child abuse and neglect.

That is why we are asking you to join us April 28th during Child Abuse Prevention Month as we rally to raise awareness and build momentum for the movement to stop child abuse.

Register now to secure your spot at the #every15minutes rally and be part of the powerful visual we are creating.

Use the flyer below to spread the word to your friends, your workplace, or your congregation.

Find other ways to support the campaign at

Let’s stop child abuse in Massachusetts. Together, it is possible.

#every15minutes rally - flyer