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Executive Director Suzin Bartley Speaks with WCVB about Safe Kids Thrive


Originally published on WCVB.

A new website designed to help prevent child sex abuse before it happens is up and running. is the product of a Massachusetts legislative task force. More than two dozen offices, agencies and organizations worked together to create the site.

The goal is to help any organization that work with kids develop policies and procedures to prevent, recognize and respond to child sex abuse.

"It is awkward, it is uncomfortable and we need to, as the adults in the situation, move beyond that. We need to address it," said Suzin Bartley, executive director of the Massachusetts Children's Trust. "Because if you don't talk about it and, God forbid something should happen, then you're going to be a lot more than uncomfortable and no one wants to put a child through this."

The website helps groups to customize their own plans, including training policies, codes of conduct, screening and hiring.

Bartley said it can also be useful for parents, teaching them to review and evaluate the procedures in place at organizations where they send their children.

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