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healthy families debuts sign-up website


Lights, camera, and action! Healthy Families Massachusetts recently launched a new website where young, first-time moms and dads can go to learn about the program and connect with the Healthy Families program in their community. is part of an expansion of the in-home parenting support program that will allow 700 more families to participate. The Children’s Trust supports the program, which is available in every community across the Commonwealth.

“We know that young moms and dads spend a lot of time online and we have to reach them where they are at,” said Stacey Nee, Director of Communications at the Children’s Trust. “We built the website to make finding information as easy as possible, and made sure visitors could hear directly from others in the program already.”

The website includes quotes from current and past participants, as well as a video that features four young parents who participate in the program. The video, “Building Bright Futures,” opens with Healthy Families staffer Patricia Wornum telling young moms and dads that becoming a parent for the first time is stressful at any age. “So, it is okay to reach out for help,” says Wornum.

Cassandra Hernandez, a young mom, says, “Life throws stuff at you. And, you can do it. You can make it through no matter what. And, Healthy Families has definitely helped me feel that way.”

The website is also includes a brief form that visitors can fill out to receive more information about their local Healthy Families program. A Zip Code finder provides the name and contact information of a local Healthy Families program.