this father’s day, join the children’s trust in a campaign to

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this father’s day, join the children’s trust in a campaign to


It’s the 21st Century and the pervasive stereotypes about dads being bumbling, incompetent, and emotionally unavailable knuckleheads have got to go. Let’s flip the script from clueless, macho, and useless to nurturing, loving, devoted, protective, supportive, affectionate, responsible, proud, and involved.

help us turn these stereotypes upside down

  • Post to Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram how you help to turn dad stereotypes upside down, along with the hashtag.
  • Add a photo of you either upside down OR doing some activity that challenges the notions of a stereotypical dad.
  • Invite your friends and followers to join the campaign by including language like: “Tell @trust4kids what you do!”
  • Retweet, Like, Share, Comment, & Tag dads on posts with our hashtag.
  • Join our Facebook event and invite dads, friends, and potential supporters.


We've been thinking




If you are a dad, any form of upside down selfie is perfect, with or without your kids in it. If you would prefer snapping a shot of yourself doing something that challenges dad stereotypes, how about daddy dress up, babywearing, baby feeding, diaper changing, tea parties, housework, lunch prep, shopping, or hairstyling?

If you are not a dad, but have done something to help smash dad stereotypes, try to provide an explanation in your post. If you are a business or organization, share concrete examples of things you have done that promote a refreshed notion of what it means to be a dad in the 21st century.

help spread the word

  1. Share this page or this PDF with any organizations, individuals, or small businesses working to promote a positive message about fatherhood, in big ways and small.  
  2. Email with your contact information and the subject line “Count me in to #TurnDadStereotypesUpsideDown.”

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