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meet Jessica and Jordan

“You'd be surprised what you can do when someone believes in you,” says Jessica, a young mom who received support from a home visitor in the Children’s Trust’s Healthy Families program.

But, it was not easy at first. People told her that her life ended when she had her son, Jordan, at such a young age. She was a single parent, working and going to school, struggling without a car, childcare, or enough money to pay her bills.

“Instead, my life had just begun. It changed from trying to survive each day to pushing to succeed. Healthy Families gave me the opportunity to learn about child development, positive parenting, nutrition, safety, and most importantly, how to enjoy my son.”

Working with her Healthy Families home visitor, she set and achieved some lofty goals: keeping a top grade point average every semester at University of Massachusetts-Amherst, graduating magna cum laude in 2011, and, now, pursuing her master’s degree and working full-time at a women’s center.

Jessica and Jordan recently graduated from Healthy Families and, according to Jessica, they are “ready to take on the world.”

“My experience in Healthy Families was so meaningful. I continue to connect with home visitors and attend parents groups there. I even provide training to home visitors on child development and sexual abuse prevention. I want to give back and contribute to the program’s success because it helped me to succeed.”