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our impact

Children's Trust programs are informed by rigorous research and driven by data and evaluation. 

Evaluations show that our evidence-based programs:

  • reduce the use of corporal punishment
  • increase parents' understanding of appropriate parenting skills and effective, non-violent discipline techniques
  • reduce parents' risky behaviors, such as alcohol and drug abuse
  • reduce participants' parenting stress, a risk factor for child abuse and neglect 
  • promote better health outcomes for the most vulnerable mothers and babies
  • promote co-parenting relationships that actively involve fathers
  • increase educational achievement for parents, paving the way toward self-sufficiency
  • increase the likelihood that children are on track developmentally
  • decrease homelessness
  • decrease maternal depression
  • enhance family support practice across Massachusetts through evidence-based trainings focused on the most current research

Our work leads to safer children in stable families, reducing the social, health, and education costs for the entire Commonwealth.