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director of communications

Director of Communications 

The Director of Communications is responsible for the Children’s Trust’s external marketing and communications strategies. The Director, through annual and long term planning, ensures that the communications efforts support the goals as outlined in the strategic plan.

This senior staff position directly and indirectly supervises a staff of 4 full time employees with areas of responsibility that include; content management of four websites, social media outreach, graphic design, support of development and program communications and targeted media efforts. The Director partners closely with other senior managers and departments to coordinate and support all of the Children’s Trust’s external communications. This person will also promote visibility within the community and build the brand in manners consistent with the strategic goals.

The Director of Communications must vigilantly scan the public horizon for opportunities to proactively promote key initiatives and activities that reflect the Children’s Trust’s mission and message. The constituencies addressed by the communications activities include parents, the general public, partner organizations, funders, business and political stakeholders and the media.

As a strategic leader, the Director of Communications should inspire, manage, and mentor not only his or her own unit staff, but staff across all departments in embracing a thoughtful and comprehensive approach to communications.

Duties and Responsibilities


Development and monitoring of strategic marketing and communications plans

  • That are based on the Children’s Trust’s strategic plan
  • Consistently deliver the Children’s Trust message
  • Focus on high need and/or impact areas to maximize resources
  • Are adaptable to the changing needs of all outward focusing programs and campaigns
  • Maximize effective use of Websites, email and Social Media
  • Produces measurable awareness outcomes
  • Leverage and support our funded programs’ awareness efforts

Management and Administration of the Communications Unit

  • Responsible for the communications department staffing, including hiring, supervision, and mentoring
  • Responsible for communications budget development, oversight and tracking of resources
  • Perform research and analysis to develop the most effective marketing and communication strategies
  • Oversee creative service for all internal and external needs, including publication services
  • Ensure consistent communications and integration with other key departments as they relate to organizational priorities. Including, but not limited to, Development, Administration, Program and Finance
  • Oversee the writing, editing, graphic design, and development of collateral materials and correspondence for all communications as needed
  • Oversee the coordination of social media outreach, email strategy, and the development and management of Children’s Trust’s websites
  • Oversee and manage all news media outreach and media related crisis management
  • Ensure departmental efficiency and effectiveness through streamlined and coordinated processes and systems

Organizational Support

  • As a senior staff member, participate in weekly leadership meetings, providing expertise and guidance
  • Provide critical support for the strategic vision, initiatives and priorities
  • The Creation and management of a communication committee staffed by Children’s Trust Board members and other stakeholders
  • Support effective and consistent communications among staff, the Board of Directors and other stakeholders

Brand Management

  • Ensure consistent use of the Children’s Trust brand and all sub brands, as outlined by brand guidelines, in all external communications
  • Work with program staff and partners to ensure consistent us of the brand and sub brands at the local level
  • Monitor and manage the general Children’s Trust messaging both internally and externally and provide advice and support to all departments concerning this goal

Preferred Qualifications

  • Knowledge of the principles and practices of public relations, external marketing and communications, branding, and organizational communications
  • Knowledge of various communications and marketing techniques
  • Knowledge of the functions of the Children’s Trust
  • Ability to lead an effort in a matrixed environment
  • Ability to communicate well with others
  • Ability to deal with news media under pressure situations
  • Ability to anticipate and analyze difficult situations and to take appropriate actions
  • Ability to implement a communications plan with measurable results
  • Ability to communicate effectively in both written and oral presentations
  • Ability to lead, supervise and support public relations efforts
  • Ability to lead, supervise and support social media efforts
  • Ability to lead, supervise and support graphic and web design efforts
  • Ability to facilitate and support team building
  • Ability to work independently and collaboratively
  • Ability to work under time constraints effectively
  • Ability to work with high level state and local officials and Children’s Trust board members

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